7 Must-Have Gadget Accessories

Before, accessories were afterthoughts designed to be non-essential. In 2022 though, some of these items have become so important due to the way they enhance your gadget experience. Every tech enthusiast should have at least one, if not all these 7 accessories.

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are so useful to have that it’s almost impossible to not include them. Although they’re commonly associated with a listening experience, such as music, podcasts or audiobooks, earbuds allow for hands-free calling and carrying out voice commands via Google or Siri. Immersion level is exceptional if you use them while playing games, such as at a new casino uk website.

Power Bank

Mobile batteries have evolved to provide all-day use, but sometimes they’re not enough for power users. In this case, a spare battery, or in this case a power bank, can be your portable power station not just for your phone but your accessories and even your tablet or laptop as well. The cool thing about modern power banks is that they can fit in your pocket or bag and are worth their weight in gold.


You can go old school and rock a traditional timepiece, but you’ll be missing out on the conveniences a smartwatch can provide. The wearable brings up notifications, email, messages and calls to your wrist, and some even allow you to pay without having to bring out your smartphone, wallet or credit card.

USB Drive

USB drives are commonly referred to as flash drives and are ultimately portable storage devices with a USB port. They’re super easy to bring and carry around and have a singular, yet essential function- you can store files, including videos, documents and more in them.

A USB drive comes with several capacities, with some of the lowest and highest being 32GB to a whopping 512GB, for example. They can be used in school, work, corporate and casual settings.

Cloud Storage Subscription

Although not technically an accessory, having access to the cloud is nifty and allows you to transfer files and documents to the internet. You can back up your essential files or share them with workmates or friends without having to meet physically.

Portable Monitor

Two screens are better than one, especially if you intend to multi-task or do several things at once. Instead of a standard monitor you can get a portable one so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Portable monitors may have features such as touchscreen or an internal battery for convenience. It’s a vital accessory for entrepreneurs, traders and those who always have more than two apps, programs and windows open at any given time.

A Spare Phone

Last but not least, you should always have a spare phone on hand for emergencies. It doesn’t have to be the latest smartphone model- as long as it can call, text or send an email then it should suffice.

The spare phone will definitely come in handy if your primary phone has run out of charge and you need to contact someone for help. You can stash it in your car’s glove compartment or bag pocket.

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