BTS’s RM responds to the question “Were you sad you didn’t get exempted from the military?”

It was revealed that a BTS member met with a monk to confess his honest feelings.

It was recently reported that BTS’s leader RM and music producer Kang San visited the Hwaeomsa temple on December 29. The chief monk Deok Mun asked RM, “Were you sad because you didn’t get the military exemption?” and RM responded, “Of course not, I want to serve my duty as a citizen of the Republic of Korea. Only then can I talk about my rights. I also think of it as a time to become an adult.”

It was revealed that RM and Kang San visited the Hwaeomsa temple using public transportation. The two visited the temple to receive inspiration for their music and take time to rest. RM met with the chief monk and had tea together. RM greeted the chief monk saying, “I wanted to visit earlier, but I wasn’t able to.”

Monk Deok Mun shared words of wisdom with RM and advised him, saying, “A year and a half (in the military) in a person’s 80 year life is not a waste, but it will be precious time when you can self-reflect. I hope that you can become BTS’s RM, who makes great music even if you get old with gray hair.”


The monk added, “As much as BTS is loved by people around the world, I hope you can actively contribute and convey the message of mercy and love through your music. I hope you don’t become a fleeting presence that appears and disappears at some point, but instead become a true musician who elevates music to its highest potential.” 

After the chat over tea time, RM handed the chief monk his first solo album ‘Indigo‘ as a gift. Meanwhile, BTS has donated 500 bags yearly to Good World Charity Bank, a children’s relief organization headed by Monk Deok Mun.

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