BTS’s SUGA is making everyone swoon over his long hair

BTS’s SUGA is making everyone swoon over his long hair

On September 27, BTS member SUGA uploaded a photo on his Instagram with a simple caption of an emoticon.

The post uploaded on this day included just a black and white photo of the global idol/renowned producer. In particular, many have taken notice of the unique aura displayed by SUGA with his long flowing locks.

BTS fans, as well as K-netizens, are loving SUGA’s latest photo and his long hair as they gathered in a popular online community to praise his latest visuals.

Fans and K-netizens commented, “Please continue with the long locks,” “He looks so good with long hair,” “I love his hair right now,” “This is so crazy, SUGA’s visuals are so crazy,” “I’m about to sue him for stealing my heart,” “He really looks good with long hair,” “That hair is really hard to pull off but SUGA pulls it off so well,” “He looks gorgeous,” “Why is he getting more beautiful as he gets older?” “Is this real? why does he look so good with long hair?”  “I am loving his long hair,” “My heart is hurting,” and “Wonder if we can expect a solo pictorial of SUGA.”

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