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Michael Clarke Ongoing Conflict With Fame

Michael Clarke Ongoing Conflict With Fame

Unfortunately, when it comes to Michael Clarke, a world-class cricketer who was always so much more, life frequently imitates art or Instagram.


He has courted fame ever since his early days in the baggy green, but he has also been enraged by the attention it brings.


To the long list of which Stefanovic has been involved, you can now add a two-minute video showing an argument with girlfriend and Stefanovic’s sister-in-law, Jade Yarbrough, in which she accuses him of sleeping with former girlfriend Pip Edwards before slapping him across the face.

In order to return to Sydney and call off his engagement to Lara Bingle, he skipped a tour of New Zealand in March 2010 while serving as vice captain. It’s unlikely that Australian cricket will see anything like that again.

He got into a famous SCG dressing room fight with teammate Simon Katich a year earlier, who grabbed him and pinned him against a wall. The Australian team was divided as a result, and it persisted until his retirement.

That story was first reported by your humble correspondent, and what surprised everyone the most was how well-prepared Cricket Australia was. Within 20 minutes of my inquiry, CA Public Affairs Manager Peter Young got back to me with statements from both players.

For the majority of his career, Clarke struggled with accepting responsibility for anything. That can be attributed to him spending the majority of his life in the Australian cricket team’s bubble.

He did, however, choose the high ground with this most recent indignity by issuing a statement on Wednesday night accepting full responsibility.

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