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New Kai Cenat Has Been Banned On Twitch Latest

New Kai Cenat Has Been Banned On Twitch Latest

New Kai Cenat Has Been Banned On Twitch Latest

New Kai Cenat Has Been Banned On Twitch Latest When it comes to Twitch streamers, no one is more popular than Kai Cenat. Along with xQc and Hasan, the creators have recently exploded in popularity across different types of content. Like many Twitch streamers, Kai Cenat has a lot of controversy surrounding him and is now banned from Twitch for the fourth time.However, unlike most Twitch bans, Kai Cenat’s fans are still trying to figure out why he was temporarily removed from the platform. The prevailing theory is that in Kai Senat’s latest stream, he passed out on camera after eating too much. While moderate drug use is acceptable on Twitch as long as the drug in question is legal in the broadcasting country/country, live swooning on Twitch may be considered impermissible self-destructive behavior.

Anyway, that’s the most specific theory, but another is that the state Kai Cenat lives in doesn’t allow cannabis consumption in any form. Kai Cenat is originally from New York, but actually broadcasts from Atlanta, Georgia, where cannabis use is still illegal. Twitch is keeping the speculation to itself, either because it didn’t tell Kai Sennett why he was banned or because the streamer commented on the ban via his Twitter account but didn’t say exactly why. .

We can’t predict when it will be lifted as most people seem unsure about the ban. We’ll have to wait and see when streamers return, but hopefully we can reduce the number of blackouts during streams so that doesn’t happen in the future.


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