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New Update Jonathan Jordan Viral Video Link?

New Update Jonathan Jordan Viral Video Link?

New Update Jonathan Jordan Viral Video Link?

An Australian holidaying in New Zealand has died after trying to save a child from a lake. New Zealand police said the man drowned in the river after trying to save the child, but was later found. After the incident last week, the man’s body was found after a police search that lasted several hours. Many were shocked because it was the second case this month, after several people drowned in a lake in New Zealand earlier.


Who is Jonathan Jordan?

Stay tuned as we look at the case of a 35-year-old man who drowned in a lake in New Zealand. The 35-year-old was reported to have been in Lake Wakatipu in the small town of Glenorchy, Queenstown, last Thursday. There, the man saw a child eating and went to help save the child, who accidentally drowned in the water of the lake. The water was high and deep, but the man was nowhere to be seen.

What happened to Jonathan Jordan?

The police arrived at the scene and searched the youths from one place to another with the help of marines, patrolmen and helicopters. Police later said it took 245 hours to find the man and after a thorough search, he was found dead. The 35-year-old has been identified as Jonathan Jordan Young, who is from NSW and was on holiday in New Zealand.

Jonathan Jordan drowned while helping a child in a New Zealand lake

His family, including his brother, parents and partner, were there when the police searched for him in the water of the river. Young was in New Zealand traveling with her fiancé just three days before she drowned and died. Although this is not the first case of this kind, last year there were more than 50 people in New Zealand, while this year last week on January 13, 2023, a man named i.e. Linkin Kiesling killed himself after 10 years. -The old man tried to save him.

old man

A new flag was erected by the river, and the flag was removed from its new position. The signs were put in place after Queenstown Lake officials ordered several hazards at the lake on Friday after Young died on Thursday.

On the other hand, the police patrol the area regularly and warn people. Because of the disappearance, the people of the village were afraid and were on guard.

Nicky Glading, who lives in the area, said that people come there and they don’t understand the danger there. Locals, who were aware of the number of deaths and accidents there before the authorities put up danger signs at the lake, warned visitors of the dangers and put up signs on the lake. side of the lake.

Local residents also put up a no swimming sign there. A public meeting was held on Friday to decide whether public safety will be maintained.


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