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Watch Video Woman Tell Police Officer To Exchange Her Arrest With S*x

Watch Video Woman Tell Police Officer To Exchange Her Arrest With S*x

Watch Video Woman Tell Police Officer To Exchange Her Arrest With S*x

Being arrested in Michigan for DUI can be a horrifying experience, and when the arresting officer tells you that if you give him kinky sex, you will not be arrested, it can become a total nightmare.


According to a Florida lawsuit, this is exactly what two Florida cops recently did. Both officers are married and have children. That did not stop them from following a vehicle from a strip bar that was occupied by two women and then demanding sex.


As reported in the Detroit Free Press:

Thomas Merenda, 34 and a 12-year veteran of the department, also turned himself in Thursday night and is out on a $4,500 bond, facing one count of unlawful compensation and one count of battery.
According to the arrest report, Hartley pulled over a black Toyota Yaris about 4 a.m. that morning, soon after the two women had left the Vegas Cabaret, an adult club. The women claimed that at first, Hartley threatened to arrest them. Then, he told them to follow him to a dark area behind a business at 7300 W. Commercial Blvd. He called Merenda to meet them there.

While nearly all law enforcement officers around the country are honest, hard-working men and women, there is a minority of officers that are not as respectable and dedicated. While offering to exchange sexual favors for a DUI arrest must be an extremely rare occurence, it is also probably true that many instances of this sort of conduct go unreported.

Another example of this happened in Tennessee, where an officer made the deal, then reneged. He was found out when the woman told the court about what happened during her sentencing hearing. According to
Save for a woman getting jilted in court, a former Bristol, Tenn., police officer’s offer to drop her DUI charge in trade for sex might have remained a secret. Instead, prosecutors said they learned of former patrol Sgt. Robert Caudill’s promise soon after a judge sentenced the woman Jan. 31 on her fourth driving-under-the-influence conviction.

If you were arrested for operating while impaired in Michigan, and the arresting officer does anything illegal, improper or inappropriate, make sure that you report it immediately and seek out experienced DUI legal representation. Time might be the most important thing because you want to be sure no evidence is lost or destroyed.

While you may correctly believe that another officer will not believe you, a lawyer experienced in suing for police abuse and misconduct will likely want to hear all of the details and facts behind what happened to you. If you have a case then there might be a large monetary award for you.
The Barone Defense Firm can help you find the right lawyer to represent you, and if you are arrested for DUI in Michigan, please call us for your FREE case review.


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